Order Caverta Online

Cavert tablets are oral therapy used to treat erectile dysfunction which may arise from number factors such as:

-decreased libido


-premature ejaculation.

-sexual pain disorders

-orgasm disorders

The main ingredient in caverta is sildenafil Citrate, it enhances smooth muscle relaxation due to nitric oxide in it, (Nitric oxide is usually released in reaction to sexual prompt). Due to smooth muscle relaxation, blood flow more rapidly to penis leading to erection. It inhibits cyclic guanosine monophosphate which is known to cause erectile dysfunction.

It is good to know that caverta is not hormone and you will not get erection by taking caverta, it will help a man with erectile dysfunction to get erection if he is sexually aroused.

It is packed different doses, the most common are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Your doctor will determine correct dose.


Tablets are orally taken, you should use it 30minutes –1 hour before sex. When you buy caverta, it is good to avoid high fat meals because it is antagonist to it, for example, if you take meals with high fat content and you use caverta, you will experience delayed erection because fat will delay caverta to start working. It is also important to avoid grapefruit or any food stuff with grape fruit while under medication.

There are many cavarta online shop where you can purchase it, but is good to know that it does not cure erectile dysfunctions, it won’t protect you from contracting sexual diseases such as gonorrhea and aids. You should seek other means to protect yourself, don’t rely on cavarte.

It is good to have proper timing of the drug, it will remain active for 4-6 hours. If you buy caverta, ensure you use it according to doctor’s instructions, it is good to inform your doctor of any special condition that you may have, for example, if you have high blood pressure or you are under any other medication. Your doctor will determine if you can use it under such circumstances.

It should not be used once a day. You will be endangering your life by using it more than once, it may even lead to death.

It should not be used by any person who is below 18 years.

If you happen to overdose, it is good to seek immediate medical attention, some of the symptoms of drug overdose are:

Chest pain


High heartbeat, this may result to high blood pressure.

In extreme cases, you may faint. It may result to death.

Side effects

Like any therapy, caverta has some side effects which may range from mild to moderate, most of them occur due to overdosing, some of side effects are:


-stomach upset.

-hyper sensitive to light.

-blurred vision. One may have problem in differentiating between blue and green.

- back pain.

-you may experience short of breath.

If you buy caverta, ensure you store it away from direct light and free from moisture. Keep it out of children’s reach.

You can buy caverta online at Amazon, they will guide on how to use for better results, and in addition, they are pocket friendly. It is available in doses of 100mg, but other doses are also available.